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Creative Stages was founded in 2011 to develop a course of study in the performing arts specifically designed for students with special needs.  Educational and creative enrichment is provided through lessons in a private and group setting that foster self-expression, self-confidence and the development of social skills.  The movement instruction is based on ballet, modern, yoga, hip hop, tap, jazz and improvisation leading to improvement in the physical, mental and emotional well being of the students.  


Creative Stages of San Diego develops our young artists as teachers and leaders by training them to assist and mentor dancers with special needs.  The organization is committed to developing the creative skills of all of our students and produces theatrical performances that provide the opportunity for students of all ages, levels, and abilities to experience the excitement of performing. 


We are offering scholarships to students with special needs to attend our summer camps and fall classes.  Please call 858-272-7456 if you would like more information about our programs.

What is our Purpose? 


  • To develop a course of study in performing arts specifically designed for students on the autism spectrum and for students with other developmental disabilities. 

  • To provide resources for performance and competition opportunities to all students enrolled in the Creative Stages of San Diego programs.

  • To directly engage in and provide facilities for others to engage in the promotion of the arts, generally. 

  • To develop the creative talent in young people by producing their ideas through choreography, costume and lighting design. 

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