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At Creative Stages we are committed to providing quality dance education and performance opportunities to all who seek it.

In step with this commitment, we offer needs-based financial aid for all programs and classes.

You will notice that all of our classes display a multi-tier tuition level. At this time, this system is honor based. We ask that you choose the tier that you can afford when enrolling your dancer.

Tier I: This represents the cost of the program

Tier II: 25% discount

Tier III: 50% discount

If the Tier III level still creates a prohibitive barrier to your dancer's participation, please contact Creative Stages volunteer Treasurer, Fiona Chatwin and she will process a full Financial Aid application.



Needs based scholarships are granted under the following conditions:

  • Students who receive a scholarship must attend a minimum of 80% of group class sessions or their enrollment will be revoked.

  • Students receiving Financial Aid for private lessons must be dedicated and exhibit exemplary attendance and practice ethics.

  • Students and/or their parents will be asked to volunteer with Creative Stages no less than 3 times during each academic year.

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